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An old friend or a new enemy

This story starts of two years before SW:ROTS and it is going to be mostly about Galen/Starkiller and Ahsoka Tano. This story is an adventure/romance, just so you knave.  

In the atmosphere of the junkyard planet Raxus prime, was the venator star destroyer, The Resolute exiting hyperspace to check rumors of separatist activity in the area. As Jedi knight Anakin Skywalker and his Togrutan padawan, Ahsoka Tano were sparing with each other in the in the hangar bay. The Republic was unknowing that they were expected,
clocked ship landed nearby.
Anakin blocked a hand full of blows with ease, as he just waited for his padawan to become tired and lose her defense. It didn't took long until he saw an opening as Ahsoka's left foot slightly lost its stance, when she made a quick slash at his head. Anakin took the chance and began a brutal wave of slashes, as Ahsoka barely could block every strike. Ahsoka could not hold her ground for long as it was too much for the young Togrutan Jedi, as Anakin smashed first her normal green lightsaber from her right hand and then continued his brutal assault on her, to which her short yellow-green blade soon was knocked out of her left hand.

Anakin pointed the tip of his saber just a few inches away from Ahsoka's face. "Sorry Snips but you lose again, but don't worry you will catch up…eventually" said Anakin with a big grin on his face.

Ahsoka just rolled her eyes and replied sarcastically "yeah it's just 51 to 4, no
problem" Anakin's grin only got bigger.
"That's the spirit, Snips. Now that's enough with training for today, lets head for the bridge and get this mission started with. Ahsoka just nodded in response as she placed her lightsabers back on her belt. They then began to head for the bridge.
Ahsoka felt a bit relieved to stop the training both because they had been training the whole morning and she didn't really like to get her butt kicked by her master over and over again.


As a hooded figure walked down the ramp of the clocked ship. The hooded figure walked out to a big open area, as the Resolute could be seen a few miles away heading directly for this way.

The hooded figure pushed a button on his arm panel.
"Prosed with the plan" said the hooded person with a young male voice.

"Rodger, Rodger." Responded an unemotional robotic voice.

The hooded man turned the link off and crossed his arms. "I can only wait now" thought the he as he watched the ship in the distance.


Anakin and Ahsoka made it through the door to the bridge as suddenly the whole ship started to shaking violently.    

"What a hell is happening?!, Captain what's going on?" asked Anakin as he and the whole crew tried to keep from falling from the rocking.

The captain turned around when he heard that Anakin was in the room and to answer his question. "There was no sign of enemy ships when we entered the planet." He stopped for a
sec. "this is a trap" said he finally with a chilly expression on his face.

"Captain send out the fighters and Rex rally the troops." Said Anakin as he looked out at the attackers.

Two venator class CIS star destroyer, and on the ground was ten battalions of droids.

"Send after reinforcements" said Ahsoka to one of the clones.

"We can't." The Clankers are cutting of all radio contacts." Responded the clone.

"Master" started Ahsoka but she was interrupted by Anakin.

"Yes, I fill it to. There is someone strong with the dark side nearby." Said Anakin before Ahsoka had any time to respond.

"How are the shields holding, Captain" asked Anakin as he walked to the front window, with Ahsoka not far behind.

"75% and going down fast" replied the Captain.     

They just stood there and looked out at the battlefield, as the Resolute's power suddenly went off.

Anakin turned to the Captain. "They have some kind of EMP cannon. All system is down." He swallowed. "Even the engines, brace yourself!"         

The Jedi duo and the crew had no time, as the whole ship's nose started to point down.  


Down on the ground was the hooded man looking as the star destroyer started to hit the ground. It started to slow down as it finally stooped just a few meters in front of him, as he took out a light saber in a reveres grip whit his right hand.

The hooded figure trusted his saber in to the side of the ship and quickly made his way in.

He began to wander the corridors of the colossal ship, but stooped when his wrist comlink started to flash.

He answered the signal as he lowered his head for a holographic image of Count Dooku "I have entered the Resolute my master" said he immediately.  

Count Dooku immediately got a pleased smile on his face before he answered his apprentice "good. Now continue with phase two"

"As you wish, my master" responded he before he turned the off comlink and began to move for the command center. He walked on to an elevator and headed for the bridge.


Inside the command center was the Jedi and his padawan still a bit dizzy as Anakin's comlink went on "general we have intruders bordering the ship, we thinks it is one of Dooku's assassi……wait, oh no….aaahhh" they lost connection before Anakin had any chance to respond.

Ahsoka looked worriedly as her master took some time to think, before he spoke in to his comlink "Rex, do you copy"

It was quiet for a while until they heard Rex Voice over the comlink "yes general" Rex voice was strong and focused, but a little bit of worry could be heard in his voice.

"We think we have an intruder in the ship, probably a force sensitive" said Skywalker as he began to check the computers on the ship.

"Under stood I make the men ready" responded Rex as he cut the transmission.
Anakin looked at the monitors for a sec before smashing his fist in the control panel
"how" muttered he as Ahsoka walked up to her master to comfort him "it is not you're fault. It was a trap, no one saw it coming." Said Ahsoka in an effort to lighten her master up.

"Yes but I should have known, I should Have requested reinforcements sooner." He stooped.
"We are outnumbered" he looked down in ashamed.        

"I don't know how or why but I know that in a situation like this, so can you always fix it. After all you are the CHOSEN ONE" said Ahsoka with a bit of overreacting and a small smile on her face.

Anakin couldn't do other than smile a little at her attempt to cheer him up. "You know your way with words, don't you Snips" chuckled Anakin before going back to reality.
"Okay let's see what we can do. Captain try to restore the systems." Said Anakin now back in his confident tone.

"General Skywalker, the droids are retreating." Said a clone, as he was looking out of the window.

"They do what?" said Ahsoka confused.


Meanwhile just a few levels lower stooped the elevator and reviled the hooded man who began to walk through the corridors, as some clone troopers saw him.

"Halt" ordered the leading clone "By the name of the republic, I order you to stoop" said the clone as he got slightly angry and desperate.

The hooded man just smiled as he quickly lifted his hands and all clones (there was 3 clones) in the corridor began to get choked by the force. He smiled as the necks of the clones were snapped off, then continuing his way for the command center.

He entered a big room that he assumed to be the mess hall. He began to walk through the big room, but stooped when he suddenly was surrounded by a squadron of clone troopers.
"Hands on your neck, or we will open fire" said a clone with blue stripes on his armor.

"General, we found the intruder. Hi is in the mess hall" said the same clone in to his wrist band. Who she hooded man assumed to be the leader of the squad.  

He didn't see any other way out of this mess so he put his hands behind his neck, but he wasn't going to let them capture him that easily.

So when four guards went closer to him to put on some restrings on him. That was his chance.

He jumped up in the air, pulling his arms and legs to his body as he gathered huge amount force power. The clones got ready in a sec and started to fire at him, but all the laser shots bounced away, as if he had an invisible shield around him. It was then he stretched his arms and legs out and made a furious battle brawl as all of the clones in the room were knocked in to the walls. Most broke there back or neck in the impact.

The mysterious man began to leave as he saw one of the clones getting up, "I don' have time for this" thought the man as he didn't have time or cared that much to finish him off.


Inside the command center.
"Master, shouldn't we go and help the clones with the intruder." Asked Ahsoka, as she had a bad felling.

"No I am sure, Rex can Handel it, and if they can't, then he will contact us" responded Anakin calmly.

Suddenly they heard a voice on Anakin's writscom" knock, knock" said a voice as the door to the command center flew open. (Literally) A few clones got smashed by the heavy doors, killing them instantly.       

They watched as a dark hooded man walked in lightsaber drawn. "Greetings, Jedi scum. Ready to become one with the force" said the hooded man as he looked at Anakin.
Anakin looked in surprise to how young the man/boy was. He also noticed the boy's red lightsaber and he could see the boy's Sith yellow eyes under the hood. (AN: he is wearing the arena armor from SW:TFU2, but with a hood and it is slightly darker.) The boy still smiling then turns to Ahsoka, but he drops his smile as he seems to recognize her.

Anakin saw that the boy's eyes turned back to normal brawn for a sec, as the boy spoke "Ahsoka Tano." he began "never though I would see you again, and look at you" he looked at her from top to toe, mostly the middle sections as he had to smile a little to her well-shaped body. Ahsoka felt a bit embarrassed and angry at this. "You have grown, a lot. Sense last I saw you Tano" said he as ending.

"You know this boy Ahsoka?" asked Anakin completely confused, with a hint of disappoint in his tone.

Ahsoka felt even more confused than her master as she questioned "who are you, and how do you know me?"

The boy just started laughing hysterical at this "don't say you forgot me" said the boy as he removed the hood, to revel a young human boy in Ahsoka's age. With short hair and wasn't much taller than Ahsoka.

Ahsoka was speechless for a few sec until she managed to stammer "n-no.….it's….it's impossible…. Galen?"   

The boy smiled slightly as he heard the name "so, you do remember me." Said the boy obviously pleased.

"What! You do know" asked Anakin who hadn't got much out the conversation.

"Yes how do you know me? Tell him." Said the boy, with a hint of anger in his tone.

"We were training in the same youngling group" she stopped for a sec and exhaled. "We were best friends, before he went on a mission just a few weeks before I became your padawan." She stooped again.

"What happened" asked Anakin curious, without releasing his tight grip of his deactivated saber.

Ahsoka looked like she was about to cry "He never came back. He was reported dead a few days later" she looked down on the ground, as she remembered hearing this news.  

"Yes, I was as good as dead, after my master's death" he stooped then continued on "but I wasn't dead, you Jedi scum left me to die! But I don't need you anymore; Dooku saved me after you left me to die on that planet." His words were hard and sounded to be directed to Ahsoka.

Ahsoka still looking down as he told his story. "I'm sorry." whispered Ahsoka but when she looked up was he in front of her, lightsaber drawn and ready to finish her "it's too late for sorry." said he as he swung down at her, but was interrupted by a force push from Anakin.

"Snips, shack it off, this boy is a Sith and he was send here to kill us." Shouted Anakin as he launched against the boy, who had just got up from the force push.

"Die Jedi scum" said the boy as his eyes ones again turned yellow.
Anakin charged at the boy hoping to tack him out fast. He swung five powerful times, all blocked without much of a challenge. "Is that all you can do. How disappointing." said the boy as he got on the offensive and showed Anakin back with a force repulse.

Anakin was sent in to some computers a few meters away. "Wow a force repulse. Not many Jedi can do that, not even master Windu can." Though Anakin as he stood up.

Ahsoka who hadn't been unable to comprehend that her best friend who was dead, now stood in front of her as a Sith, who had probably boarded the ship to kill her and Anakin.

"Ahsoka a little help over here." Shouted Anakin, as he deflected a blow meant for his head.

Ahsoka snapped out of her thoughts at hearing her master. She quickly activated her lightsaber and shoto, as she charged at the boy.

The boy caught a glimpse of her in the edge of his eye, as he used a force push on Anakin. Knocking him out and turned just in time to block an attack from Ahsoka. They began to throw attacks at each other, both blocking the other's attack. The duel was equal but Ahsoka soon began to get tiered. The boy noticed this and began to push on offensive.

He focused a force push through his red blade as he looked sabers with her. The power released and sent her flying in to a control panel. Ahsoka lost the grip of both her sabers as she fell on to the ground. "It is over Jedi scum. You lose." Said the boy, as he made himself ready for the final blow.

Ahsoka closed her eyes and whispered. "I am truly sorry….Galen" she made herself ready as the he swung the blade down, but moments went and she was still alive. She opened her eyes to see that her master's blade hade caught the attack in the last moment.

"Oh no you don't" said Anakin as he smashed the blade away and began to attack the boy like before, only this time much faster and much stronger.

The boy had a hard time to block every attack, and then it got even worse when Ahsoka joined the fight. He was soon knocked back against one of the large windows in the command center. He lost the grip of his saber in the impact.

"Give up boy, you have no chance." Said Anakin while pointing his saber at the boy. The boy just glared at him with much anger in his mind.

"Galen pleas. Let us help you." Said Ahsoka in a mild tone. The boy's eyes turned back brown and his face lighted up a little at hearing her soft voice.

"Just give us a chance Galen. We can…." Ahsoka was interrupted by the boy as his eyes turned yellow ones again. "Stop it. Stoop it now!" shouted the boy. Releasing a small wave of force energy. Destroying the already kraken window behind him and also forcing Anakin and Ahsoka to back away a little. "Galen is dead; the name is Starkiller, Separatist and apprentice of lord Dooku." Said Starkiller.

Anakin who had gotten tiered of this moved to arrest the boy, but as Anakin moved closer pushed Starkiller at a button on his wrist and jumped out of the window as he called his saber to him.

Ahsoka ran up to see if he fell to the ground. Slightly worried, but as she looked out came a ship flying by, with Starkiller on top of it. Ahsoka met his eyes as the ship flied away. She sighed, as she turned to her master, who already had begun to try and fix the consol.


At the ship back to Coruscant was Ahsoka in her room all the time and Anakin was talking with the counsel about what happened on Raxus prime.

"Hmm. This is indeed interesting" Started master Obi-Wan, over the hologram "and where's Ahsoka?" asked Obi-Wan as he rubbed his beard, obviously worried for Ahsoka.  

Anakin looked worried and sad at the mention of his padawan. "I think it would be best if we let her rest." He paused for a moment "As I understand so was this boy in the same youngling's group as her." He stooped again "I think they were close." Said Anakin with pity for his padawan.

"As you wish. But we have to speak to her as soon as you're back at the temple." Said master Mace Windu, who also was in the hologram.

"Of course, masters. See you soon." Said Anakin as he turned off the hologram.         

End of chapter 1
hello, so this is some thing i have had in my mind for a while.

you can also read it on [link]

so pleas comment and i need HELP with what episodes i should use in the story, any suggestion?

oh and if the text looks weird so is it because deviantart don't let you convert docx, so i had to mostly rewrite all.

i didn't have the same problem on fanfiction so read it by the link if you want to.

thanks for reading my story :)
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